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Art, Humanity, and the sanity of the mind:
The IshtarAngel Micheline

I know I need to update this blog more often. Lately I have had trouble in creating new ideas or creating new projects for myself. I have always loved seeing how one of my ideas may develop or turn out. Since I have started going to the Arts Institute Online, I have noticed how my work has improved dramatically and I am approaching new ideas to create. I love this feeling, but I have also have had artist block for months now. I’m thinking this is also related to my trouble sleeping lately. For the first time in months I finally had a restful sleep and dreamed last night. For anyone that knows me you can imagine who was in my dream. It felt so good to actually dream. It felt like being freed from a prison. Unless you’ve experienced it, you can’t imagine the hellish experience my sleep has been. Nights of no rest, the feeling of being totally and completely disconnected. I would not recommend that to anyone.

I know that these nights of no sleep have affected my artwork. If I am lucky enough to have broken the cycle, I hope I can get my idea flow back. When you are going to an online art college to get your associates in graphic design and you have idea generation problems, it can be very difficult.
I love the school; I’ve felt more alive than I have felt in years. I can really see myself working in the graphic design field or moving across the country to get a position. I am determined to use my talents in art to advance and better my life. I will not let depression or life in general hold me down anymore.
Urbanity Relay for Life event with Maxamillion Kleene
I am going to stand as defiant as my avatar in the above picture. I have too much to lose to fall back now.

Now to the art portion of our blog entry:
Even though I have had artist block, I have been reading my text books for my classes for ideas and inspiration. I think I’ve found something that can work for me:) . I need to mull over the idea at this time, but I need to focus on the main Second Life Relay for Life fund raising event that starts next week in Second Life on July 17th. I am the Photography chair for this Relay Committee and I have looked forward to this for 6 months. I cannot wait to see what ideas or designs will be this year. The amount of talent and hope given in each build really can inspire any artist to achieve more than possible.


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