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Winter Break and a New Advertisement
The IshtarAngel Micheline

Currently I am on Winter Break from the Arts Institute Online. I have to say that going back to school online has been a learning experience. This is a new style of learning and teaching but I am really enjoying being back in school. I have completed two classes as of now and on January 12th my next class is drawing in Perspective. This class may be a challenge for me, due to the fact that I have the hardest difficulty in drawing off a computer on traditional media. I will admit in the past it has been difficult to draw something beside abstract artwork.

During this break I have been working on an advertisement for a friends shoe store in Second Life called “If the Shoe fits”. Currently I am 75 percent complete with this project and in the process of composing the final Image.

I also now have a twitter account for my gallery Ishtars Kiss. Currently I am using this account to get messages from my school but will also soon use it to release information on my gallery and the various live music events I handle online.


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