Japanese Light
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During this years Second Life Rely for Life Campaign I created a series of ten images to sell for various art auctions. These were sold to raise funds for the relay. The original images were mounted in a film strip style and will not be resold in second life again. When i was wandering around second life, the insperation I found for this set at a sim called Japan Dream. For those of you that are not versed in second life, A Sim is a area created in the game space by a user to represent a particular idea or space they want to show. This Sim was created to represent a 1950's Japan sea side town. The creator of this sim clubkenjin Loon definatly put time and dedication into the creation of this enviroment. This shows an example of what second life can be about. How art can come from the simpelist things.

I had the most doing this set. Going around this area, seeing all of the cultural images of the time made me smile. Reminded me why I wanted to become an artist. Please be sure to visit and check out this sim. I have provided the Land Mark at the beginning of this post.

The IshtarAngel Micheline


–noun, plural -ties.
1. the quality of being urbane; refined courtesy or politeness; suavity: He was the last word in urbanity.
2. urbanities, civilities or amenities.
3. the quality or state of being urban.

.. One of the many things I will be talking about in this blog is the Live Music Scene in Second Life. For the past three years i have managed various clubs in second life. For the past two years I have been the manager at a club called Urbanity. Owned by Keth Mommsen and Josi Nebestanka, Urbanity is a club all of its own. An outdoor environment, we specialize in bringing high class entertainment to all of our clientele. We also specialize in greeting and making sure that people's of all types, race, creed or avatar type have a safe and secure environment to frequent. Mainly in Second Life you will run into clubs that do look good but sometimes you feel something missing. We try to maintain that whole experience. If your looking for that type of club or environment that will allow you to relax or even propose to your certain loved one, we do it. Urbanity is set on Eros Cove along with the Ishtars Kiss Art Gallery, we also present high quality clothing at Eros Fashion and Casual Elegance.


This Week makes officially 2 years since we have been in business. With a friendly staff and great events, this week will be one musical blow out that has never been seen before. See you there Events at Urbanity ... Events at Urbanity

Why i am a Neko Part 2
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I just saw this on the Virtual Neko blog and this explains the phenomenon of Being Neko in Second Life a whole lot better then i ever can:


Virtual Neko Blog


Japanese Light Photo Series
The IshtarAngel Micheline

Over the past few months I have been working on a series of Images called Japanese light. These were taken at the following Sim Name:  JAPAN DREAM KENJIN


When i first saw this Sim it really stroke a note with me for the detail and artistic beauty I saw in it. Over the period of two months of working on each individual picture. When you are a Photoshop geek you know your dedicated when you work on a series of ten images all in a row with no break .


The first 5 of this set have already been auctioned off in a art auction I have held at the club i manage called Urbanity and the last 5 will be sold off in a special art auction at the main relay for Life fund raising event.


Each image will not be reproduced in second life in this film strip style again. Only one of each will exist. I do not know for sure if i will sell full sized images of this set, but for now the film strip style will be the only version that exist.


The Auction for relay for life will be held on July 18th during the main relay for life event.


100 Word Story: Cybernetic Delight
The IshtarAngel Micheline

Hmmmmmmmm. A moan escapes my lips as electronic fingertips
caress the flesh. Our cybernetic implants connect.

Just a few years ago, who would even think about cybernetics
and sex. Our minds connect. Computer code flashes before my
eyes, then, Oh I can feel it. Through his body, I can feel him
holding me. Ummmmm. 

Oh the fun well have. He can hear my thoughts. He closes his eyes.
A taste of lips, the  feel of muscle and flesh. Basic body chemical reactions
intensified a thousand fold.

Electrical impulses, Ecstacy, Primal animal Instnict, who knew lust and
cybernetics could do this.

Today’s Tomorrow
The IshtarAngel Micheline

Number one reason why I love second life. There are environments or areas I simply can not create in Photoshop. Even after a months work i could not come close. This is my latest Piece Today's Tomorrow.

3 days of edit time. Many Many hours of getting the glow just right.

A scene like this makes me thank the gods i took the plunge into second life. There are so many different ideas and expressions made every day it brings joy to me. As always please let me know wha tyou think of my latest art piece. And yes I will still leave my watermark in for security purposes. Many many hidden water marks.

Why I am Neko in Second Life
The IshtarAngel Micheline

There are to many definitions to what Neko can be. Just try looking up neko on wikipedia and you will see a whole list of definitions. In Second Life terms Nekos are Cat People. It is hard enough to describe but take it like this from my own definition. 


Have you ever seen a person in real life move in such a way they are animalistic. Head drawing from side. Senses feel a bit more hyper then they should be. The urge of feeling animalistic wanting to express it self. In some  circles this develops as Furries. And no its not all that Damn CSI episode. Most dress to express the inner feelings that it is hard to feel in their original forms.

When i first started in second life I was the normal human but then started finding different avatars to suit my moods. Lions, Dragons, etc, eventually starting to alter my appearance. Cat eyes. Gods that day i got those it felt so powerful.  What pushed me to go more fully cat like was an Incident between a woman who was my best friend and her stabbing me in the back. But that is old drama for another day.

I pretty much jumped into it full force. Purchased my first neko skin and ears and tail and have worn them ever since.


Now What i said about Animalistic self and expression isn’t everyone. Some go neko for a change of pace, others just to experiment. This is the same for Furries in SL also. Its something fun to do. Others just need to express that side of them selves that they really cant in RL.


Now there are the people who think if you go Furry then your some sort of sick pervert. This is not the case. For some its an expression of their inner selves. Others Just for Fun. When you stop and get to know the person, you’ll find this out.

Hundred Word Story: Free to Be
The IshtarAngel Micheline

Topic this week: 2 Very crazy topics but I choose the part Elvis Drives a Bus

Can be heard at : 100 Word story challenge


“Its over, Its finally over.” he mutters to him self with relief.
Sure things were great at the beginning, the money, women,
the power. As with all stories, all good has to end. 

Drug use, long crazy nights, movies that never really taxed or
let him grow. He was self destructing.

Over 5 years he saved the money he needed. Paid off the
appropriate people. Soon everyone would think he passed away

“Its time” he says. Elvis Drives a Bus. Who would think it.
Driving into the sun, his last thoughts:
“Your finally free of your past. What next”

Hundred Word Story: 5 min till Impact
The IshtarAngel Micheline

Topic this week was Telescope for the 100 word story contest:


“5 Minutes till Impact” I say with tears in my eyes.

We’ve known about the end of the world for months.
All the Zealots and Mad catholic priest added to the mess.
Total societal shut down.

I’ve been locked in my highrise apartment building for months.
I had the supplies but I was alone. Until I found her in the next building
with my telescope.

Those last few months we would share written messages through glass. It made the loneliness lessen.

30 seconds, she’s crying.
5 seconds, the sky burns a bright red.
One second, I never asked her name.

100 Word Story: Horrid Red Boots
The IshtarAngel Micheline

This is a story I have submitted to the 100 Word stories podcast.

Please excuse any cursing in it. This was added for comic affect :)

The topic for the week was Knock Knock:

“Lock the door he’s almost broken through” Yells Clyde slowly shaking in
fear. His ultimate end was just around the corner.

Oh sure it was a harmless prank. No one really liked the new guy in town.
So round in the middle. Those horrid looking red boots he always wears.
Who would think he would go so far. Just for spray painting Puc Man
on his mail box shouldn’t cause this.

“Knock Knock Knock, I know it was you Clyde. Look at what I did
to Inky and Blinky. Yum Yum Yum. Your next. No one Fucks with
Pac Man.”


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