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A 2nd chance at Life means?
The IshtarAngel Micheline

When I first graduated High School I was still in the state of mind that everything could be solved by computers. This was in the hay day of Yahoo back in the ancient megabit era of 1996 (Yes that means I'm 31 now). I really didn't have an idea of what I wanted to do, so after a consultation with a counselor at my local college after many years I got an associates in Information Management Technology in 2001.

This was shortly after the majority of these types of jobs went to India. You can imagine my disposition at the time. Shortly a few years after I started doing my own artwork (Pencils and Paper) a friend of mine was taking classes in Graphical design at the same college. Through her I discovered what more you can do with artwork & there was a thing as a Graphic Design field. With a little more research, I found out that you could do magazine,Internet , & many other types of advertisement. Oh sure I've seen advertisements, and have even kept really neat looking ones, but had no idea you could even make money on your work. Soon I began taking classes and learning more about Photoshop, typography, artistic styles, linear & radial artwork, etc. Frankly it was the best classes ever taken. It was all great until one day I got a call from financial Aid.

"We are sorry but due to the previous classes you took for your first major, you have reached the financial aid cap for the state of Texas and no longer qualify for financial aid" - paraphrased from best of memory.

I knew I could take loans, but my financial situation at the time, I didn't think I could do it. And the Idea of debt scared the daylights out of me. Since that day in 2005, I always regretted not finishing those classes. One of my best friends, who I consider a blood sister ( Love ya Tracy) gave me the idea of looking for an online college to finish my Associates in Graphic Design. Well after a few months of trying I've found one I really like. It took so long because when you type online college and graphic design in Google, you get a lot of shady sites.

The school I found and choose is The Arts Institute Online Pittsburgh Division. From my talking to their representative and researching their online website, I've found this school would be a great choice for me. I can still work full time and take the classes part time. Now you may be asking, how will you afford this. I hate to admit it but I'm going to take the student loans. Yes I know I'm paying my current debt off still, but I think this might be my last chance at a change in life. I love art so much and want to do Graphic Design even more. How will it go? Who knows. But Its a start.


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